Things about blogging

All the rules and advice I’m flagrantly flouting on this site:

  • Pay for a premium theme, or hire someone to design your blog for you – free themes are generally kak, and you don’t want a whole lot of other people to  have blogs that look just like yours. Also, that way you will have a site that looks really cool right from the get-go – you won’t have to spend 6 days fiddling the background colour and header text colour.
  • Use only your own original photography (with your copyright) or pay for proper stock photos. Don’t even think about free stock pics or clipart.
  • Make sure that your blog has a specific theme – are you a mommy blogger? A food blogger? Just as reporters have beats, bloggers need to adhere to one specific theme.
  • Try to keep your posts short. Users won’t want to have to scroll down too many times within one post.

[I’m not contravening the conventions of blogging to be a rebel. I’m really just lazy. And employed full-time, and a mom, and a MasterChef addict.]


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