Some words

18 months

18 months

  • papaya
  • belly-button
  • toes
  • Granny
  • cow
  • curtain

These things have nothing in common except that they are the new words Lil A has started saying (and pronouncing properly, so other people who are not me would be able to understand her) in the last week. I suppose this is what they mean by a vocabulary explosion – she’s basically saying a new word every day. I tried to count how many proper words she is saying now, and got to about 25 before getting distracted by reminding her to put her lid on her sippy cup before setting it down on the floor.

Of course, English isn’t her first language. She’s got one of her very own, and this is the one in which she is fluent. In Lil A-speak, a brush is a “buy”, all dogs are called Cole, “no thank you” is pronounced “not that” , cats are “miaow”, fish are <insert plosive sound of opening and closing your mouth fish-style here>, her stuffed St Bernard toy whose name is Roger is called “Rara”, “kiss” is “mah!”, hair is “air” (there are no “h” sounds in Lil A-speak), sippy cup is “bottle”, and pretty much anything else for which she doesn’t yet have an English word is some variation on “datdat”.

In the last week, there’s also been a very adorable non-verbal development. Whenever we pick her up or hug her, Lil A now gives us a series of little back-pats while grinning widely (on a side note: gosh, she’s got a lot of teeth – the only ones she doesn’t have are her back molars, top and bottom – so her smile is a toothy one) and saying “hello!”. Hub and I, and her nanny too, all do the little back-pat thing to her, and we hadn’t really noticed until now – and she’s learned that that’s how you give affection properly. That’s how you say, “hey, yay! It’s you. I’m so happy that you’re here with me.”

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