Some very big decisions

I can’t believe I’m even writing this. I honestly never thought I’d see the day – well, not in the foreseeable future, anyway. There’s a very strong chance I’m going to regret this decision in no time at all – but it’s done. So I’ll just have to live with it.

Hub and I have made the very difficult decision to disconnect our DStv. The reasons make complete sense: saving over R700 a month, for one thing. Only spending a maximum of an hour per day watching TV for that price is totally not worth it, right?

But here are the cons:

  • MasterChef SA – currently being aired for the first time on DStv, and nowhere else. I had just started really loathing a few of the people, which is when the viewing gets properly exciting.
  • Running the risk of becoming one of those very smug people who tell others at every possible opportunity, “oh, no, I don’t own a TV”, which people take to mean, “I might have a TV, but it’s only got our four dubious PSB channels on it so we never watch it because actually we’re really intellectual and don’t want to rot our brains or the brain of our toddler daughter so instead of watching trashy reality TV for hours on end, we read books or do puzzles or actually just have a conversation.” When in fact, the truth is that we’re too cheap to fork out for the stuff that’s worth watching.

This renouncing of TV has come at the same time as my indefinite withdrawal from Facebook and Twitter, another tricky decision that I made for my own good but which has been quite difficult to stick to. At times I feel so free and unburdened of the habit of constantly scrolling down for ever more enthusiasm/vitriol/bitchiness/smugness/witticisms, and at others I have to get up from my desk to physically prevent myself from opening a new tab and falling off the wagon. It’s been two days. Hopefully it gets easier – and I have a feeling that my voluntary abdication from the ranks of Premium TV subscribers will be child’s play by comparison.

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