My baby’s words



At 14 months and three weeks, my child is emerging as a startlingly social and talkative little being. With other kids, she’s always the one in the group who hangs back and watches the others interacting for a while, and is happier playing quietly by herself. But with grown-ups, she’s actually become really outgoing – and since she’s started talking, she’s really become a force to be reckoned with. Full attention must be given to her when she’s having a conversation with you – and that means responding enthusiastically all 14 times she points at the ceiling and says “light!” in the space of two minutes.

I get the impression that other parents count the number of words or phrases their toddlers can say – so, because I’m terrified of being left out, and also because she’s picking up new words so incredibly quickly – here’s the list of things Lil A can identify and name:

– Light, ball, button, eye, nose, mouth, Roger (her beautiful toy St Bernard), dogs, mama, dada, Naume (her nanny, whom she just calls “me”), banana, eating (which she calls “yum yum”), the cat (although, this is only half-true – she actually calls him “meow” – and I PROMISE that’s not our fault; she just took it upon herself to call him that after hearing him actually meow – we’re not those parents who call cows “moo” and dogs “woof”)

Other non-noun words and phrases:

– Hello! (to everybody – from horse riders on the street to people passing in the mall), oh dear! (when things are dropped); gone; boo!; no; ta (when handing over an object – we weren’t responsible for this either and have been trying to get her to say “here you go” rather – which she came out with yesterday, actually)

She’s STILL not walking by herself and so I feel entitled to brag a little about this – 20 words and phrases that she says in the correct context and at her own discretion, not repeated or drilled. Surely she’s brushed with a shade of genius, right? I can find loads of sources telling me that most kids walk by the age of one year, but nothing telling me whether or not the average almost-15-month-old can say 20 things. {UPDATE: three days after posting this, Lil A fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally¬†started walking!}

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